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 Auto VIP serves not only
 in luxury vehicle rentals
 and also you can hire
 only chauffeur service      
 depending on your needs




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 Rental duration:
 Minimum rental duration is 24 hours.

 Minimum-ages and driver's license:
 Drivers and/or vehicle-tenants must be at least 23 years old and
 must own a 3 years-valid driver's license.
 Except the foreign-citizen persons, an international or outside
 of the homeland driver licenses are not acceptable.

 Vehicle and kilometer limit:
 Renters can use the vehicles without a kilometer-limit;
 no additional kilometer settlements or costs will be calculated.
 Renters can use the vehicles only within the Turkey and cannot
 leave the regional-border in any case.

 The tenant / driver is liable for all the traffic-breach and offenses itself.

 All our vehicles are properly announced in Turkey and admitted. Motor
 vehicle-taxes,    motor vehicle-insurance and a particular Kasko -    
 Insurance are filled for each vehicle. For possible damages and
 expenditures the tenant/driver is liable in full scope itself if the
 insurance terms are not been fulfilled.

 Liability-exclusion of insurance:
 With these violations, all insurance-protection goes out:
 To drive under alcohol and/or drug-influence,
 Cross the pre-determined speed limits,
 Move away the vehicle from the original accident place,
 Caused to an accident,
 Not to take any preceding at insurance-extent official records
 and their documents like; alcohol, stolen reports and written/fix reports.

 * Additional insurance-exclusions are; get stolen or damage
    vitreous, headlight, spare tire,  set of tools, rigging pieces
    of the vehicles.

  Please, sat down in connection with elaborate questions about our general
  contract or insurance protection conditions with us.